Diesen Text habe ich geschrieben, als ich immer wieder erneut von der gleichen Person verletzt worden bin.

I thought, I could trust you.
I thought this time you hold your promise.
But I was wrong.
I was blind to see that it was just a fake!
You didn't mean it so.
And now I can't trust you anymore.

You played your damn thing on.
You didn't think about that I lost the trust in you.
And now you realize it.
But now I say: It's too late!

Whatever you will do.
No matter how many times you apologize to me and beg for forgiveness.
No matter how many times you say that you don't do it again.
No matter how many times you tell me that I can trust you this time.

I just say: It's too late!
Too late to apologize!
Too late to beg me for forgiveness!
Too late to trust you again!

I can't trust you again!