Das Lied hab ich für meine verstorbene Freundin geschrieben ..
+ 15. Jänner - Angi <3

Verse 1:
Since you’ve been gone, life’s so hard,
since you’ve been gone, my heart falls apart.
Since you’ve been gone, I can’t get it in my head,
Can’t get in my head, that you are dead.

Why did you leave me? Leave me alone?
I don’t want to keep on breathing,
And I don’t want to go home!
Life turns grey ‘cause you’re not here.
And all I can see on my face is a tear.

Verse 2:
We had good times, we felt like flying,
Now without you, I feel like dying.
Dying ‘cause of the hole in my heart,
And the hole is getting bigger and bigger,
and my heart is falling apart.


Verse 3:
Now I’m standing here, on your grave,
I still remember the last time you waved.
I still remember your voice
and your lovely funny noise.
I still remember the happyness in your eye
and I don’t get why you had to die.