Hey baby it's me, comin' home,
for a while, still tryin to get paid,
i'm still me, but i changed, don't be afraid,
as soon as i come home, i'm dressing up for war,
you never what's coming next, never know what for,
be prepared, deaths around the corner,
wish i could just bone her,
but i can't still in a warzone,
this ain't a jameson flick, but when i'm home
i'm gettin shit done, just keep my head up,
locate my comrates, it's time for shootin'
sprayin bullets and shit, keep lootin',
duck, jump, shoot and kill, what more can i get?
never been in jail, but will till i'm thirty,
livin' theses days, even hard but even dirty,
no matter where you from, so i'm killin' my rhyme,
hope and pray to get found cuz i'm more than a dime,
maybe i should start drinkin' till i pass out,
how can i dream, still don't know what i'm 'bout
their tryin' to catch me sleepin,
while i'm dreamin', i can feel them creepin,
they wanna see my bleedin' but i'll fight back,
let 'em come, can't fight what i can't see?
can't close my eyez cuz i will get hunt down,
murder me, my last wordz, before i fall down.